Version Three!

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again… You can dust it off and try again…

Words of wisdom from the late Aaliyah. There are some pretty amazing stories behind the first and second versions of Otakuphotog. What happened to them… Where they went… Why they–

No, there aren’t.

Both were lost due to mistakes involving expired debit cards. Whoops. The first one hurt more than the second one since it had so many old and wonderful posts from my time in Vegas. Some of which are, thankfully, saved because of the Internet Wayback Machine. Most of them, however, are lost to the sands of time; gone like so many candles in the wind.

Whatever that is supposed to mean.

I do miss ranting and raving and yammering on about my neat job that causes people to be jealous of me, feel sorry for me, and hate me, all in a single shift. So because I am on a four-day weekend and I can’t seem to play Skyrim for more than 10 minutes without it crashing, I went ahead and threw together another version of the blog.

Hopefully- HOPEFULLY- I will not only remember to switch out my debit card when it expires this time, but I will bother to post things.

After all, it seems like it would be a little pointless to have a blog, and never post on it…

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